BPR016: Sunnbrella / Hiding - SplitApril 10th 2018 · Backpack Records · BPR016

Split between Sunnbrella and Hiding. Released on Baby Blue and White Cassette by Backpack Records, Koepfen Records and Hardcore For The Losers Records. Limited to 100 copies!

BPR015: New Holland - AlligatorFebruary 1st 2018 · Backpack Records · BPR015

Debut album by New Holland from New Orleans, USA. Released on purple cassette tapes, limited to 50 copies.

BPR014: Photographic Memory - Thinking Of YouDecember 4th 2017 · Backpack Records · BPR014

Debut album by Photographic Memory from Costa Mesa, USA. Released on clear cassette tapes, limited to 70 copies.

BPR013: Iris - IrisAugust 22nd 2017 · Backpack Records · BPR013

Self-titled EP by Iris from Toronto, Canada. Released by Backpack Records and Dog Knights Productions on 12" vinyl. Vinyl is limited to 300 copies, 100 in Hot Pink/Cream Mix and 200 in Transparent Orange.

Also released on baby blue and clear cassette by Backpack Records. Limited to 40 copies of each colour.

BPR012: Lightcliffe - Mistakes I Seem To MakeApril 7th 2017 · Backpack Records · BPR012

Mistakes I Seem To Make by Lightcliffe from London, UK. Released on green and white glitter cassette tapes by Backpack Records and Honeypot Records. Limited to 25 copies of each colour.

BPR011: Sunnbrella - Songs For WimpsFebruary 6th 2017 · Backpack Records · BPR011

Debut EP by Sunnbrella from London, UK. Released on blue cassette tapes, limited to 25.

Sold Out

BPR010: Plastic / Brine - The Light, The Dark and The Overwhelming NothingDecember 20th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR010

Split by Plastic and Brine from Cheshire, UK. Released on baby blue cassette tapes, limited to 30 copies.

Sold Out

BPR009: FAKE OFF - BoréalDecember 16th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR009

Boréal by FAKE OFF from Lille, France. Released by a lot of great labels across Europe. Released on 12" clear/splatter vinyl limited to 500 copies.

BPR008: Drawstring - CoolDecember 2nd 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR008

Debut album by Drawstring from Kent, UK. Released on black vinyl by Backpack Records, Stay In Bed Records, Circle House Records, Beth Shalom Records and Old Press Records. Limited to 300 copies.

BPR007: Don't Worry - Bane Of My LifestyleNovember 18th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR007

Bane Of My Lifestyle by Don't Worry from Essex, UK. Released on vinyl by the band. Released on cassette by Backpack Records, Beth Shalom Records and Old Press Records. Limited to 100 copies, Backpack exclusive yellow limited to 25.

Sold Out

BPR006: Redwood - Blood MoonOctober 22nd 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR006

Blood Moon by Redwood from Hertfordshire. Released on red and white cassette tapes, limited to 25 of each colour.

Later released on vinyl by Blindreader Records.

BPR005: Chrysalism - Chryswhat?September 10th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR005

Debut EP by Chrysalism from London, UK. Released on wooden USB disks, limited to 100 copies.