BPR004: Save Face - FollyJuly 8th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR004

Folly by Save Face from New Jersey, USA. Released on 12" vinyl by Backpack Records, Open Door Records and Take This To Heart Records. Limited to 300 copies, 100 Transparent Blue and 200 Transparent Purple.

BPR003: I'm Glad It's You - JuneApril 5th 2016 · Backpack Records · BPR003

Debut EP by I'm Glad It's You from Redlands, California, USA. Originally released on cassette by Open Door Records in 2014. This is the first vinyl pressing limited to 250 copies. 125 in Agent Orange and 125 in Sea Foam Green.

BPR002: Lust - Lust December 3rd 2015 · Backpack Records · BPR002

Debut album by Lust from Toronto, Canada. Released on transparent purple cassette tape, limited to 30 copies.

Sold Out

BPR001: After Words - Tiny CitizensNovember 15th 2015 · Backpack Records · BPR001

Debut album "Tiny Citizens" by After Words from Oslo, Norway. Released on transparent blue cassette tapes, limited to 25 copies.

Sold Out