BPR009: FAKE OFF - "Boréal" 12" Vinyl

  • BPR009: FAKE OFF -
  • BPR009: FAKE OFF -

BPR009: FAKE OFF - "Boréal" 12" Vinyl

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New hard-hitting EP "Boréal" by FAKE OFF from Lille, France.

*Discounted price since records have some small damage on spine.*

Released 16th of December 2016.

1. Forest
2. Prairie
3. Taiga
4. Tundra
5. Arctic

Co-released with:
BG records (France)
DINGLEBERRY records (Germany)
DON’T TRUST THE HYPE recordz (France)
EMERGENCE records (France)
INHUMANO discos (Switzerland)
KROD records (France)
LONELY VOYAGE records (United Kingdom)
KOEPFEN records (Germany)
I FOR Us records (Belgium)

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Pressing Information

First pressing of 500.

1st press:
Clear/Pink Splatter Fuchsia /500

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