BPR018: I Love Your Lifestyle - "No Driver" Cassette

  • BPR018: I Love Your Lifestyle -

BPR018: I Love Your Lifestyle - "No Driver" Cassette

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Released October 23rd 2020 via Dog Knights Productions and Counter Intuitive Records. Exclusive cassette via Backpack Records!

You can also order the cassettes here: http://eustore.dogknightsproductions.com/products/679106-i-love-your-lifestyle-no-driver-cassette-lp

Due to shipping restrictions, Dog Knights Productions will handle all of the Backpack Records orders.


1. Stupid
2. Car
3. No Harm, No Foul
4. Shilly-Shally
5. Align!
6. I Have no Point To Make
7. Fram Och Tillbaka
8. Well, That's Not Ideal
9. OK
10. Inner Freakness
11. Making Nothing Out Of Something

Pressing Information

First pressing of 100.

1st press:
Red /50
Yellow /50

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