Nai Harvest / Playlounge - "Flower Split" 12" Vinyl

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Nai Harvest / Playlounge - "Flower Split" 12" Vinyl

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Nai Harvest / Playlounge - "Flower Split". Released by Dog Knights Productions.

Q: What is this?!

A: This is a split EP between Nai Harvest and Playlounge. It's a 12" vinyl record with a 7" play surface. It has been lazer-cut into a flower shape, designed by Lew Currie. The release includes two songs from both bands; one new and one cover.

It's also worth noting that this release will never be repressed, so if you want it, don't hang about.

1. Nai Harvest - Buttercups
2. Nai Harvest - Sweet Tooth (Playlounge cover)
3. Playlounge - handclap cinema
4. Playlounge - Floor (Nai Harvest Cover)

Distro from Dog Knights Productions:

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