Disembarked - "Nothing's Wrong Here" 12" Vinyl

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Disembarked - "Nothing's Wrong Here" 12" Vinyl

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Nothing’s Wrong Here is the impassioned debut full length from Sweden’s Disembarked, released December 8th via Dog Knights Productions. An emotive catalogue of tracks, the album bridges crushing post-hardcore with delicate, intricate musicality, creating a record that is as intense as it is uplifting.

1. Body Of A Ghost, Arms Of A Man
2. Sudden Veer
3. Nothing's Wrong Here
4. Postponed
5. Absent Mother
6. I Gave It Away
7. Caesura
8. Friends, Are You Still There?
9. Grethe
10. Saunter
11. Hindsight
12. Weekend Chaser

Distro from Dog Knights Productions: http://dogknightsproductions.limitedrun.com/

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